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Zhang Wei is known for his cinematic realism that depicts individuals who are marginalized by society in a natural, and realistic way. His films self-consciously express critical social issues and convey powerful social messages through their unassuming storylines that embody important social conflicts. This constant struggle between marginalized individuals and society introduces the audience to aspects of Chinese society that are often overshadowed by China’s rapid transformation.
2018 The Rib
2017 Ballad from Tibet - Best Children’s Feature, China International Children’s Film Festival (November 2017) in Guangzhou, China
2016 Destiny
2014 Factory Boss - Best actor award, 38thMontreal World Film Festival / World Competition (Aug 2014) in Montreal, Canada Fajr Award for best original screenplay, 33rd Fajr International Film Festival (May 2015) in Tehran, Iran
2011 Shadow Puppet Show of One Person
2010 Beijing Dream

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