Beijing WD Pictures,, China - Alex Jia

Alex Jia is a script specialist and advisor. He studied English and American Literature as well as Comparative Literature in the United States. In 1998, he launched China Film Project at Harvard University, and in 2001 organised a touring Chinese film festival that involved such institutions as Harvard, NYU, the Lincoln Center and the National Gallery of Art, showcasing 11 Chinese films under the banner of the Urban Generation Films. Since his return to China in 2002 he has worked as a development executive for such companies as Chinavision (now Alibaba Pictures) and Shanghai New Culture Media Group. Now he is Vice President and Chief Creative Officer for Beijing WD Pictures, a film investment and production company specialised in co-productions. The films he has worked on as a creative producer or script advisor include RAILROAD TIGERS, SAVING MR. WU, ONE NIGHT STUD, POLICE STORY 2013, BELOVED, WHAT WOMEN WANT (a Chinese remake of the American film by the same title), LITTLE RED FLOWERS, ONE FOOT OFF THE GROUND and a documentary series A HISTORY OF PEKING OPERA.

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