Bridging the Dragon expresses its deep solidarity with the people of Ukraine, condemns these horrific acts of violence against a sovereign nation and its people, and sincerely hopes for a swift cessation of hostilities and a return to a reasonable dialogue. In these dark hours our thoughts are with our members and friends who are suffering from these brutal actions.

As a Sino-European producers association dedicated to promoting the collaboration between China and Europe, we have always believed in the power of exchange and communication and, more importantly, in the power of cinema to encourage unity among diversity. It may seem that films cannot change the course of society or history, but in fact they can subconsciously change people's perceptions.

War has never made the world a better place and we all know this well from the experience of the last century. We will always stand with filmmakers who speak out against violence, oppression and injustice to defend peace and freedom.

Bridging the Dragon team


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