Spain - Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a sound designer and re-recording mixer based in Spain.

He graduated in music technology at the London College of Music & Media, and began working for Technicolor Creative Services (London) in 2004.

For over 10 years Steve has worked on film productions from Asia, and in particular from China, and is very familiar and comfortable with Chinese and Asian productions and directors. He continues to work for production companies and studios from China and Asia, as well as Spain, the United Kingdom, and Latin America, consolidating a wide experience in several languages that includes large budget productions.

Steve has worked for more than 20 renowned Chinese feature films across various genres, including "Saturday Fiction" ( 兰心大剧院 ) by Lou Ye; "The Eight Hundred" ( 八佰 ) by Guan Hu; "Nezha" ( 叱咤风云 ) by Chen Yixian; "So Long, My Son" ( 地久天长 ) by Wang Xiaoshuai; "Pegasus" ( 飞驰人生 ) by Han Han; "The Shadow Play" ( 风中有朵雨做的云 ) by Lou Ye; "Dying to Survive" ( 我不是藥神 ) by Wen Muye; "Soul Mate" ( 七月与安生 ) by Derek Tsang; "Chongqing Hot Pot" ( 火锅英雄 ) by Yang Qing; "Fly Me To Venus" ( 星語心願之再愛 ) by Deng Ke; "Ever Since We Love" ( 万物生长 ) by Li Yu; "Dearest" ( 親愛的 ) by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, among others.