Bridging the Dragon, in collaboration with ARRI, kicked off the 3rd edition of the Sino-European Project lab on 13-16 June 2017 in Nanjing before the Shanghai International Film Festival. Five European and six Chinese film projects suitable for co-production were selected for the Lab. After the success of the previous editions, the aim of the initiative is still to foster the development of projects suitable for collaboration between the European and Chinese film industries. The participants will gather again on 22-24 February 2018 in Berlin to further develop the projects.

Selected Projects in 2017

  • Across the Valley into the Hills
    Shanghai Qiwei Film, China
    Producer: Tom Tang / Director: Jordan Schiele

  • Adam
    Shenzhen Huahao Film & Media, China
    Producer: Zhang Wei / Writer: Li Gang
  • Autumn River
    Zentropa Productions, Denmark
    Producer: Toke Steensen / Writer: Chen Tzu-Yang

  • Children
    Haomai, China
    Producer: Wang Hongwei, Han Xinwei
  • Dark Moon
    74 Entertainment, Norway
    Producer: Kjetil Omberg / Writer & Producer: Jørgen Storm Rosenberg
  • Departure
    Chengdu Tanshang Film Works, China
    Producer: Betty Li / Writer & Director: Zhou Hongbo
  • Grape to Glass
    Zhuoxi Film and TV Culture Media, China
    Producer: Benny Teng / Writer & Director: Elsa Yang
  • Hello Isabelle
    Nukleus Film, Croatia
    Producer: Sinisa Juricic / Writer: Marjan Alcevski / Director: Anja Kofmel
  • Mark Brandis - Space Partisans
    Rexin Film, Germany
    Producer: Johannes Rexin / Writer: Balthasar v. Weymarn
  • Mumu
    Flash Forward Entertainment & Chanfilms, China & Taiwan
    Producer: Patrick Huang / Writer & Director: Hu Yang-Yi
  • Scissors and Silence
    CalFilms Asia, Taiwan China
    Producer: Benjamin Lin / Director: James Su
  • The Melody
    Madeleine Films, France
    Producers: Frederic de Goldschmidt / Director: Jerome Cornuau / Writer: Laurent Couson

  • The Woman Who Stole Lives
    Cinefrance, France
    Producer: Julien Deris / Co-writers: Dominique Magny-Roux & Wang Jiann-Yuh
  • Undertake
    Century Pictures (Tianjin), China
    Producer: Lv Yu'an & Eileen Zhao / Writer & Director: Yang Xiao
  • Whisky and Noodles
    Sinner Films, UK
    Producer: David Murdoch

  • Wild Grass
    Shanghai Jingshu Culture & Media, China
    Producer: Sheng Yanhong / Writer & director: Xu Zhanxiong

Script Tutors

  • Cao Baoping, China
  • Alex Jia, WD Pictures, China
  • Philip La Zebnik, USA, Denmark (Mulan, Pocahontas, Prince of Egypt)
  • Norbert Maass, Germany
  • Yan Geling, China (Zhang Yimou's Flowers of war, Coming home and the new Feng Xiaogang's movie Youth)

Production Tutors

  • Christophe Bruncher, Ici et Là Productions, France
  • Chen Xi, Zorba Production,France
  • Chow Keung, Hong Kong
  • Oliver Damian, 27 Films Productions, Germany
  • Natacha Devillers, Fundamental Films, China
  • Rikke Ennis, TruskNordisk & Zentropa China, Denmark
  • Gao Qun, WD Pictures, China
  • Hou Keming, Beijing Film Academic, China
  • Derek Huang, Constellation Pictures, China
  • Jin Rui, Gourmet Film, China
  • Abe Kwong, Magilm Pictures, Hong Kong
  • Mandy Rahn, ARRI, Germany
  • Maria Ruggieri, Festival del Film Locarno, Italy
  • Shan Dongbing, Donwa Pictures & Delight Consulting, China
  • Ben Zhang, Shanghai Qiwei Film, China

With the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union