Bridging the Dragon kicked off its second Project Lab in 2016 with the first module in Beijing and the second module in Levico, followed by the Venice Film Festival. Film projects suitable for coproduction between China and Europe were selected to join the Lab, where script and production tutors supported the participants (in teams consisting of an author and a producer) on story structure, believability of the setting in relation to the other co-producing side and the feasibility of the co-production.

Selected Projects in 2016

  • Da Ming Treasure Ship
    1905 Pictures, China
    Producer: Luo San / Writer: Chen Yugang
  • Diplodocus
    Human Ark, Poland
    Producer: Anja Sosic / Director: Wojtek Wawszczyk
  • Dust to Dust
    Zeng Zeng Media, China
    Producer: Cheng Rui / Writer & Director: Zeng Zeng
  • Honeymoon Jungle
    Alcatraz Films, Wild Bunch, France
    Producer: Laurence Clerc / Writer: François Renaud Labarthe
  • Ivory Love
    Yunnan Lucent Pictures, China
    Producer: Yang Yuming / Writers: Si Da, Xia Ziyue
  • Kinkaseki
    Bright Cold Day Films, UK
    Producer: Peter Smyth / Writer: James Leighton
  • Love of Alps
    Embassy of Dreams, Germany
    Producer: Tom Wommer / Writer & Director: Tang Danqing
  • Mosaic Portrait
    Blackfin (Beijing) Culture & Media, China
    Producer: Wang Zijian, Li Yuwen / Writer: Zhai Yixiang
  • My Team vs. Real Madrid
    Juben Pictures, China
    Producers: Luna Wang, Zhu Li / Writer: Han Jinglong
  • Qingdao
    Eikon West, Germany
    Producer: Katarina Cvitic / Writers: Ulrike Zinke, Adrienne Bortoli
  • Sanmao
    Lowland Blue Lotus Productions, Netherlands
    Producer: Rene Seegers / Director: Paula van der Oest
  • Secret of the Blue Dragon
    Norsk Superfilm, Norway
    Producer: Kjetil Omberg / Director: Stig Svendsen
  • Springtime for Baihe
    Chengdu Guangxin Le Chuang, China
    Producer: Wu Jing / Writer & Director: Huang Li
  • The Italian Recipe
    Dauphine Film, Italy
    Producer: Roberta Manfredi / Writer: Alberto Simone

  • The Sea Monster Who Couldn't Swim
    Maipo Film, Norway
    Producer: Synnove Horsdal / Writer: Karsten Fullu
  • Via Indipendenza, 96 (fomer title Live Again in Italy)
    Handcraft Films, China
    Producer: Zhang Siyu / Writer: Lei Yahan

Script Tutors

  • Alex Jia, China
  • Kate Leys, UK
  • Lu Wei (Farewell My Concubine), China
  • Marilyn Milgrom, UK
  • Shu Huan (Lost in Hong Kong, Lost in Thailand), China
  • Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten, Sweden
  • Yuan Yuan (Go Away Mr. Tumor), China

Production Tutors

  • Emilie Blezat, Studiocanal, China
  • Chow Keung, Hong Kong
  • Natacha Devillers, Fundamental Films, China
  • Andreas Eicher, Lightburst Pictures, Germany
  • Rikke Ennis, TrustNordisk/ Zentropa, Denmark
  • Marin Gondre, Indie Sales, France
  • Teresa Hoefert de Turegano, Medienboard, Germany
  • Patrick Huang, Flash Forward Entertainment, Taiwan
  • Ulf Israel, Senator Film Produktion, Germany
  • Ben Erwei Ji, Reach Glory, China
  • Charles Lei, Thunder Communications International, China
  • Mercy Liao, Universal, China
  • Leontine Petit, Lemming Film, Netherlands
  • Mandy Rahn, ARRI, Germany
  • Shan Dongbing, Delight Consulting, China
  • Meg Thomson, Globalgate Entertainment, UK
  • Wang Yu, China
  • Simon Wu, Xi'an Film Production, China
  • Wu Sisi, Jetavana Entertainment, China
  • Yang Cheng, China Independent Film Festival, China

With the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union