Independent producer / scriptwriter,, China - Cheung Chi Kwong

Cheung Chi Kwong works as an independent producer and scriptwriter. Besides Hong Kong & China, he’s been filming in many different overseas countries.
From 1992 he has been responsible for line producing more than 20 HK movies.

Selected Films:
2015       Keeper of Darkness as producer (post-production)
2015       3D Feng Shen as scriptwriter (filming)
2013       Horseplay as producer
2011       Shaolin as associate producer & scriptwriter
2010       The Deserted Inn as scriptwriter
2009       Production Controller for Emperor Motion Pictures (HK)
2007       Kidnap as producer & script writer 
               (nomination for 2 HK Academy Awards)
2005       Wait Till You’re Older " as producer & script writer (nomination for 3 HK Academy Awards)
2005       Bug Me Not as producer & script writer                       
               (nomination for 1 HK Academy Awards)
2003      The Hidden Track as associate producer
2002       Why me, Sweetie? as producer 
               (nomination for 2 HK Academy Awards)

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